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Crafted by hand plucking of cloth into tiny bindings creating multiple hues

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Fuchsia Bandhej Dianella Dress - shopraimanFuchsia Bandhej Dianella Dress - shopraiman
Fuchsia Bandhej Dianella Dress Sale price₹8,900.00
Fuchsia Bandhej Panel Dress - shopraimanFuchsia Bandhej Panel Dress - shopraiman
Fuchsia Bandhej Panel Dress Sale price₹8,500.00
Green Bandhej Jacket - shopraimanGreen Bandhej Jacket - shopraiman
Green Bandhej Jacket Sale price₹7,800.00
Sold outGreen Bandhej Magnolia - shopraimanGreen Bandhej Magnolia - shopraiman
Green Bandhej Magnolia Sale price₹6,500.00
Grey Bandhej Barmer - shopraimanGrey Bandhej Barmer - shopraiman
Grey Bandhej Barmer Sale price₹8,500.00
Grey Bandhej Dianella Dress - shopraimanGrey Bandhej Dianella Dress - shopraiman
Grey Bandhej Dianella Dress Sale price₹8,900.00
Grey Bandhej Naomi Dress - shopraimanGrey Bandhej Naomi Dress - shopraiman
Grey Bandhej Naomi Dress Sale price₹8,500.00