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Love Letter

Love Letter

This collection is a dedication to the longest relationship we will ever have - the one with ourselves. It is a reminder of your inner strength, resilience, and beauty, and a call to treat yourself with the kindness and compassion you deserve. Each style is mindfully created using soft and natural fabrics in versatile silhouettes for you to fall in love with.

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Summer Tier DressSummer Tier Dress
Summer Tier Dress Sale price₹12,500.00
Vintage Skirt Set of 2Vintage Skirt Set of 2
Vintage Skirt Set of 2 Sale price₹10,500.00
Vintage Summer Co-ord SetVintage Summer Co-ord Set
Vintage Summer Co-ord Set Sale price₹10,500.00
Summer Wave DressSummer Wave Dress
Summer Wave Dress Sale price₹8,900.00
Asymmetrical Summer DressAsymmetrical Summer Dress
Asymmetrical Summer Dress Sale price₹10,500.00
Vintage Love Co-ord SetVintage Love Co-ord Set
Vintage Love Co-ord Set Sale price₹13,500.00
Vintage Mallow DressVintage Mallow Dress
Vintage Mallow Dress Sale price₹12,800.00
Vintage Naomi DressVintage Naomi Dress
Vintage Naomi Dress Sale price₹14,500.00
Vintage Patch DressVintage Patch Dress
Vintage Patch Dress Sale price₹7,800.00
First Love Batik DressFirst Love Batik Dress
First Love Batik Dress Sale price₹12,500.00
Love Shirt DressLove Shirt Dress
Love Shirt Dress Sale price₹10,500.00
Love Letter Batik DressLove Letter Batik Dress
Love Letter Batik Dress Sale price₹14,500.00
Bougainvillea Mallow DressBougainvillea Mallow Dress
Bougainvillea Mallow Dress Sale price₹12,800.00
Bougainvillea Midi DressBougainvillea Midi Dress
Bougainvillea Midi Dress Sale price₹8,900.00
Boho-villea Racer DressBoho-villea Racer Dress
Boho-villea Racer Dress Sale price₹8,900.00
Boho-villea Vintage Set of 3Boho-villea Vintage Set of 3
Boho-villea Vintage Set of 3 Sale price₹15,600.00
Pink Batik MidiPink Batik Midi
Pink Batik Midi Sale price₹7,800.00
Batik Tier DressBatik Tier Dress
Batik Tier Dress Sale price₹8,900.00
Love HasliLove Hasli
Love Hasli Sale price₹2,100.00
Double HasliDouble Hasli
Double Hasli Sale price₹2,100.00
Brass Bangles Assorted SetBrass Bangles Assorted Set
Brass Bangles Assorted Set Sale price₹4,200.00
Brass Bug RingBrass Bug Ring
Brass Bug Ring Sale price₹2,100.00
Vintage Brass Spiral RingVintage Brass Spiral Ring
Vintage Brass Spiral Ring Sale price₹2,100.00
Half moon Brass EarringsHalf moon Brass Earrings
Half moon Brass Earrings Sale price₹2,500.00
Vintage Brass Love EarringsVintage Brass Love Earrings
Vintage Brass Love Earrings Sale price₹2,500.00
Brass HoopsBrass Hoops
Brass Hoops Sale price₹2,100.00
Boho-villea SkirtBoho-villea Skirt
Boho-villea Skirt Sale price₹6,500.00