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The Storyteller

The Storyteller

The wanderer woman lives a nomadic lifestyle, with a gipsy-like flair. Sheer tops, long overlays, pleated midi dresses with soft frills are the key styles for this collection forming a day wear range. Organic voile and gauze linen fuse with soft applique, thread work and hand developed prints.

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Avram Top - shopraimanAvram Top - shopraiman
Avram Top Sale price₹5,800.00
Mihai Shrug - shopraimanMihai Shrug - shopraiman
Mihai Shrug Sale price₹6,500.00
Byni Jacket Dress - shopraimanByni Jacket Dress - shopraiman
Byni Jacket Dress Sale price₹12,500.00
Neliu Angrakhi Top - shopraimanNeliu Angrakhi Top - shopraiman
Neliu Angrakhi Top Sale price₹6,500.00
Willa Kalidar Tunic - shopraimanWilla Kalidar Tunic - shopraiman
Willa Kalidar Tunic Sale price₹12,500.00
Mino Vintage Top - shopraimanMino Vintage Top - shopraiman
Mino Vintage Top Sale price₹4,500.00
Crina dress - shopraimanCrina dress - shopraiman
Crina dress Sale price₹7,800.00
Miri Vintage Pants - shopraimanMiri Vintage Pants - shopraiman
Miri Vintage Pants Sale price₹5,500.00
Cara Quilt Angrakhi Top - shopraimanCara Quilt Angrakhi Top - shopraiman
Cara Quilt Angrakhi Top Sale price₹6,500.00
Fringe Box Pants - shopraimanFringe Box Pants - shopraiman
Fringe Box Pants Sale price₹7,500.00
Imanue Tunic - shopraimanImanue Tunic - shopraiman
Imanue Tunic Sale price₹6,800.00
Shimeka Patch Dress - shopraimanShimeka Patch Dress - shopraiman
Shimeka Patch Dress Sale price₹6,800.00
Mihal Vintage Dress - shopraimanMihal Vintage Dress - shopraiman
Mihal Vintage Dress Sale price₹12,500.00
Loana Mallow Dress - shopraimanLoana Mallow Dress - shopraiman
Loana Mallow Dress Sale price₹7,800.00
Simona Tunic - shopraimanSimona Tunic - shopraiman
Simona Tunic Sale price₹6,800.00
Simona Pants - shopraimanSimona Pants - shopraiman
Simona Pants Sale price₹5,500.00
Lerae Dress - shopraimanLerae Dress - shopraiman
Lerae Dress Sale price₹6,150.00
Yellow Mallow Dress - shopraimanYellow Mallow Dress - shopraiman
Yellow Mallow Dress Sale price₹9,800.00
Irini Tunic - shopraimanIrini Tunic - shopraiman
Irini Tunic Sale price₹6,800.00
Linen Mihai Jumpsuit - shopraimanLinen Mihai Jumpsuit - shopraiman
Linen Mihai Jumpsuit Sale price₹9,800.00
Simolina Gauze Frill Dress - shopraimanSimolina Gauze Frill Dress - shopraiman
Simolina Gauze Frill Dress Sale price₹8,900.00